Ò (A) The basic premise behind your membership is threefold: (a) connection to wholesale travel opportunities, when available, irrespective of the source; (b) access to a full service travel agency with planning, searching and booking expertise; and (c) unbeatable price guarantees.

Ò (B) Member understands and accepts that wholesale prices are a product of retail prices and as they change so do whole- sale prices. As such, price declarations in print or presentation should be considered prefaced by terms like from, up to, average, etc as they may apply.

Ò (C) Specific trips or travel components described during the presentation are examples of what can be done for members based on historical performance but should not be taken as absolutes for future availability.

Ò (D) Unless otherwise noted, discount percentages should be viewed as discounts off of the standard, retail, or brochure prices as the case may be.

Ò (E) Membership should be viewed as a long-term savings experience and (while possible) members should not expect to recoup their investment in one or two years.

Ò (F) Using your allotted condo weeks each year represents the best opportunity for large cash savings and doing so will result in the fastest return on investment. The other modes of travel, particularly those featured on the proprietary menus, will result in substantial savings over a longer period of time.

Ò (G) The Vacation Depot provides only the reservations service for your travel components, not the components themselves; and any issues related to delay, disturbance, malfunction, appearance, occupancy rules and schedules, or age restrictions are between the member and the component provider, not The Vacation Depot

Ò (H) Ownership of the membership begins on the date of purchase and usage of the membership benefits, at that point, is the sole responsibility of the member.

Ò (I) The Vacation Depot, in its fiduciary responsibility to all members, reserves the right to modify, amend, delete or add benefits or operational procedures as they deem to be for the highest and best use of all members.

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