* The Vacation Depot has issued you a license that is powered by the world's largest provider of private travel services.  With over 250,000 members and 36 years in the travel business, the Vacation Depot us uniquely positioned to bring each member fulfilling experiences and tremendous savings over a lifetime of usage.  Simply put, there is no other travel service quite like it!  Its unique business plan combines the best of all three (3) arenas of travel...wholesaler, retailer and dot com marketers...under one room for the ultimate in customer service and convenience.  How do we put 3-pronged plan to work for members?

* WHOLESALER... The Vacation Depot publishes many different MENUS that offer deeply discounted, "members only" deals on a variety of travel topics.  See Select and Premium Condos, Short Notice Condos, Value Getaways, Fantasy Getaways, Staycation Getaways, & Hotel chains plus more menus coming soon.

* RETAILER... Even though The Vacation Depot is primarily a wholesale and discount service, it would not make sense to eliminate those travel components that are ONLY offered at obscure or limited supply units or items where the supplier simply refuses to discount.  We'll book these for you AND take off any agency commission the unit is eligible fore.  Plus, (to keep members from chasing all over the internet) all the airline and car rental rates are available on your website for easy online or agent booking.

* DOT.COM MARKETER... The Vacation Depot, using its market strength, has contracted to receive the same wholesale supplier feeds that go to online agencies like we offer, two benefits that the dot com's don't: agent assistance if needed and an additional discount, applied at check-out, equal to the agency commission available (usually 4-7%).


In an industry as competitive and volatile as the travel industry there are bound to be last minute price changes or specials published at obscure internet locations that we cannot control; but it is so confident of the rarity of such cases that it guarantees to meet any price lower than what you were quoted, for the identical travel item(s), at the time of booking.  This really should be called the Price Match PLUS Guarantee because The Vacation Depot will further deduct any available agency commissions from that price match!  Unbeatable prices... that is The Vacation Depot's pledge!